Lane CC Baseball gives back to the community

02/22/2016 12:42
On February 18, 2016 Lane sophomores took the initiative and scheduled a day at the Children's Center at River Bend Hospital. They volunteered to spend some time with children that are going through treatment or just recovering from an illness.
Coach Blunt: "It was a fantastic experience for our young men and they handled themselves so maturely. I was very impressed with how easily each student-athlete interacted with both the children and the staff. The experience made me feel very grateful to be a part of the TITAN family."
What makes this even a tad more special is that they took the initiative and organized the entire thing. Landen Bourassa was kind of the leader of this day and he called the hospital, set up the time and the organized the group.
Coach Blunt: "This group wanted to do something special and they felt like helping and interacting with children created that bound and connected them to the community."