Lane Community College Adds New Sports Teams

10/19/2015 20:42

By Bailey Miller

EUGENE, Ore. -- Students and staff are buzzing around Lane Community College today because they are adding two new teams to their program. A women’s volleyball team and men’s soccer team will be the newest additions to Lane Community College's sports lineup.

Greg Sheley, the Director of Athletics at Lane Community College says they are adding the teams because of the growing popularity of these two sports within the community.

He says the hope is to attract more students and provide more opportunities, especially for local high school students who otherwise would not pursue college athletics.

"It's extremely exciting for us, it’s an opportunity for us to reach out to our local community, get some new students that wouldn't be coming to lane. So it’s a chance for us to get out in the community within the state to bring people on campus," said Sheley.

Students say they are impressed by the way the campus is expanding. They also hope the new teams will attract more students. Both teams will be added next year to the 2016 term.