Titans Announce 2010 Recruiting Class

05/19/2010 09:55

As of mid May we have confirmed roster spots to the following incoming freshmen:

Katie Bidwell- Forward, Thurston HS – 2009 5A First Team All-state Forward, 2008 5A Second Team All-state Forward, 4 time First Team All-league 06, 07, 08, 09. Coach Ellis remarked “Katie brings a great ability and desire to score; she is both technical and extremely athletic.”

Bronte Jorgensen- Forward, Sheldon HS – 2009 6A Southwest First team All-league, 2008 6A Southwest First team All-league, 2007 6A Southwest Second team All-league. “Bronte is an extremely fast athletic forward who will give the ability to get in behind defenses.”

Jenna Lewis- Midfielder, Thurston HS – 2009 Midwestern First Team All-league, 2008 Midwestern First Team All-league, 2007 Midwestern First Team All-league. “We had Jenna ranked as the top Midfielder in the Eugene area, we are delighted with her ability to link a team together.”

Kiara McDonagh- Center Defender, Vancouver Arts School – “Kiki is a top defender who played for my club team in Vancouver, at Columbia Premier Timbers. She is extremely strong in the air and will provide and excellent anchor to our defense.”

Erin Lewis- Goal Keeper, Thurston HS – 2006 Midwestern First Team All-league, “Erin brings good size, soft hands, and a steady demeanor to Goal Keeping.”

Lisa Fiet- Forward, Roy HS – “Lisa has good height, nearly 6 ft; she is strong on the ball and gifted scoring goals with her feet and head.”

Shelby Campbell- Defender, North Eugene – 2009 Midwestern  1st Team All-league, 2008  Midwestern 1st Team All-League, 2007  Midwestern 2nd Team All-league, “Shelby is a determined defender who brings great intensity and toughness to her position.”

Bev Schlegel-Defender, Redmond HS – 2008 6A Central Valley 2nd Team All-league, 2007 6A Central Valley Honorable Mention, “Bev is a strong left footed defender who has a high level of game awareness.”

Morgan Egbert –Wing, The Dalles-Watonka HS – 2009 IMC Honorable Mention, 2008 IMC Honorable Mention, “Morgan can play on the left or the right and she possesses great quickness.”

Brianna Garcia-Defender, Sutherlin HS – “Bri is fast, strong, and single minded in her ability to get a job done. I wouldn’t suggest standing in her way.”

Sam Michelson-Defender, Canby HS -“Sam is athletic, composed on the ball and an excellent communicator on the field.”

Rachel Monaghan-Wing, Santa Rosa Ca – “Rachel has size and pace; her athleticism will be an asset for our team.”

“We are extremely happy with this group and feel the squad will be much improved over last year. We are still tracking a few more players that could come in and contribute next fall. This class and other developments at Lane including our brand new soccer facility mark the beginning of a very exciting time for Women’s Soccer at Lane”-Coach Ellis