Titans Well Represented

09/03/2014 13:07

On September 27th the Annual NWAC Sophomore Showcase will take place at Bellevue College.  This skills showcase is a way to display second year players to various four year colleges.  Lane Community College is well represented at the event, as seven players have been nominated to participate.  


Playing for the South squad will be: Jackson Bertsch (Pitcher - 38 IP and 4.73 ERA), Malik Evans (Pitcher -22 IP and 5.31 ERA) , Travis Boggs (Pitcher -22 IP and .037 ERA), Shane Quarterley (Pitcher -31 IP and .057 ERA), Kyle Beam (Catcher -.235 BA and 3 HR), Forrest Garcia (Outfielder -.343 BA) , and Darin Nelson (Infielder -.281 BA and 20 RBI'S).  Games will begin at 9:00 am.