Shane Quarterley

Shane Quarterley

#15 / Freshman

Position: INF/RHP

Bats: R/R

Ht.5’11” / Wt. 205

Hometown: Springfield, OR

High School: Thurston High School

Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, wakeboarding and snowboarding.

Parent’s: Dean & Suzi Quarterley

Reason I came to Lane Community College:

I chose Lane because of the coaches and the baseball team. I like the environment and that it’s close to home.

Baseball 2014

Mychal Cornilles

#25 / Sophomore Position: RHP Bats: R/R Ht. 6’1” / Wt. 180 Hometown: Portland, OR High School: Sunset HS Hobbies: Playing baseball, ultimate frisbee and photography. Parents: Gary and Kim Cornilles Reason I came to Lane Community College: I chose Lane because of the coaching staff and the...

Jarren Goddard

#44 / Sophomore Position: 1st/C Bats / Throws: R/R Ht. 6’0” Wt. 210 Home Town: Springfield, OR High School: Thurston High School Hobbies: Watching sports, playing baseball and hanging out with family. Parents: Tracy Gates & Jared Goddard Reason I...

Erik Ruaro

#10 / R-Sophomore Position: RHP Bats: R/R Ht. 6’3” / Wt. 190 Hometown: Ketchikan, AK High School: Ketchikan High School Hobbies: I enjoy playing baseball and fishing. Parents: Patty & Rick Ruaro Siblings: Jodi Reason I came to Lane Community...

Konner Reddick

#34 / Sophomore Position: First Base / LHP Bats: L/L Ht. 6’1” / Wt. 200 Hometown: Bend OR High School: Summit High School Hobbies: Playing baseball, basketball and football. Parents: Dawn & Mark Reddick Siblings: Kortney Reason I came to Lane...

Jeff Hardy

#27 /Sophomore Position: RHP Bats / Throws: R/R Ht. 6’4” Wt. 175 Home Town: Sunnyvale, CA High School: Homestead High School Hobbies: Ping Pong and video games. Parents: Rex & Cindy Hardy Siblings: Brett Reason I came to LANE Community College: To...

Colby Rice

#25 / Sophomore Position: C Bats: R/R Ht. 5’10” / Wt. 170 Hometown: Salem, OR High School: West Salem High school Hobbies: Chopping wood, shooting, singing and playing baseball. Parent’s: Mitchell & Cherylann Rice / Evelyn Bull Siblings: Justin,...

Jarred Priestley

#24 / Sophomore Position: RHP Bats: R/R Ht. 6’1” / Wt. 190 Hometown: Roseburg, OR High School:  Roseburg HS Hobbies: Hunting, camping, reading and listening to music Parents: Allison and Milo Priestle Siblings: Derek Reason I came to Lane...

Beau Uealand

#23 / Sophomore Position: LHP Bats: L/L Ht. 6’0” / Wt. 180 Hometown: Beaverton, OR High School: Jesuit High School Hobbies: Baseball, football and snowboarding. Parents: Anthony & Patti Ueland Siblings: Tanner Reason I came to Lane Community...

Travis Boggs

#22 / Freshman   Position: RHP Bats / Throws: R/R Ht. 5’10” Wt. 185 Home Town: Elmira, OR High School: Elmira High School Hobbies: Baseball, basketball, hunting and fishing. Parents: Roger & Annie Boggs / Dawn...

Malik Evans

#21 / Freshman   Position: RHP Bats / Throws: R/R Ht. 6’2” Wt. 200 Home Town: Springfield, OR High School: Springfield High School Hobbies: Baseball, basketball and fishing. Parents: Delbert & Lori...

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